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Background of SHARE

Where Has Share Been Doing it's Work?

SHAREcircle has been working in Angola since its founding in 1998. In the presence of a humanitarian catastrophe as a result of a prolonged war in Angola, SHARE teamed up with Church of the Brethren, the Church World Service, CARE Angola, and a number of churches, universities and individuals to send emergency humanitarian aid to Angola.

What Has Been Share’s Mission?

SHARE has functioned as an humanitarian, relief, agricultural, and development organization creating sustainable solutions which:

  • Promote economic development and self-reliance
  • Improve health and education
  • Provide relief to disaster victims
  • Assist orphans and widows of war, single mothers and internally
  • Support displaced people
  • Advance human rights
  • Protect the environment
  • Disseminate information about anti-personnel land mines in Angola

What Has SHARE Accomplished Since the end of the civil war Angola in 2002?

  • SHARE has focused on work in Angola and responds to the needs of the most disadvantaged through its programs.
  • SHARE has spearheaded a cross-culture partnership between the Angolan and American People to establish a new private university in central Angola.
  • SHARE also relies on a number of volunteers, both in the United States and Angola, who generously share their time, skill and resources to ensure that this humanitarian agency fulfills its mission. To them, SHARE and the people of Angola will always be grateful!