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Photo of University Land in Bié Province, Angola

“It is always said that Angola is a very rich country. It has abundant oil, diamonds, iron ore, fishery, etc.... Does it really matter to have all this and not have highly trained human resources capable of extracting our natural resources and transforming them so that we can better everyone’s standard of living?”

—President of the Republic of Angola, Eng. José Eduardo dos Santos


“It will be extremely difficult—perhaps even impossible—for Africa to compete effectively in a world increasingly dominated by knowledge and information unless it consciously, persistently and vigorously overhauls its potential and its most crucial institutions: its universities.”

—Damtew Teferre and Philip Altbach, African Higher Education: Challenges for the 21st Century


Higher education is a priority

We believe that sustainable social and economic development in Angola can be achieved through education, health distribution, and employment assistance. While the provision of all three is key to SHARE’s mission, we have chosen to focus our attention on higher education, undertaking an immense project to establish a world-class university in Angola’s Bié Province (Universidade do Planalto Central de Angola/Angola Central Highlands University). The goal of the university is to increase access to higher education in Bié Province and throughout Angola, particularly to women and other underserved groups. No other university currently exists in this central province, home to more than two million people and one of the most affected regions during Angola’s thirty-year civil war.

Improved access to higher education is essential to Angola’s development and success. Many promising young people who graduate from high schools across Angola cannot attend a university because of the cost and/or lack of availability. This not only weakens their potential to live fulfilling lives, but diminishes their capacity to contribute to Angola’s economic growth.

SHARE will establish the Angola Central Highlands University to address this critical need. In light of the extent of this task, SHARE will devote the majority of its resources to its fulfillment. Once the university is established, in partnership with the Angolan people, SHARE will evaluate other projects to pursue in its quest to promote a stable, self-sufficient, and thriving Angola.

For more information on the Angola University Project visit www.angolauniversity.org